The use of social media is constantly increasing in today’s society, especially within the younger generation. In fact, so much so that different platforms are being used for multiple hours a day by specific individuals. Currently, the most widely used platforms include Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. These three platforms are just a few of the sites which have way over 1 billion monthly users. Despite this being negative on the human body and mind, is it positive for the reach of a business?

Thankfully, marketers have the use of plenty of different platforms allowing them to choose which would be best suited depending on their individual audience. But which is the best?

The best platform for advertising

As most marketers should be aware of, social media is now one of the best places you can advertise your business. After Google, Facebook is the platform which has the second-highest market share across digital ad spending. This makes it one of the best platforms to use when wanting to advertise. Facebook stands out from other platforms due to its advertising techniques, including great targeting capabilities and engagement.

Along with this, the next platforms ranked best include Instagram Twitter and LinkedIn.

The best types of ad

It has been proven that photo ads can bring much more unique traffic and engagement than other types of ads. Photo ads are eye-catching and mostly include some sort of call to action button on the post for people to easily click. On Facebook especially, photo ads even allow you to add text above so your audience gets a more in-depth idea of what you are advertising. Video ads also offer a similar effect but may cause a decrease in engagement as not everybody is interested or has time to watch a video.

Why should you advertise on social media instead of using other ways?

Advertising has dramatically changed throughout the past 10 years. Previously, companies would advertise using newspapers, magazines, TV and even just through something as simple as a leaflet. But, more recently, the industry has taken a turn, leading businesses to rethink their strategies. In the past number of years, advertising on social media has shown a huge increase, as you will have already read. More people are moving away from more traditional activities and replacing them with modern technologies. For example, less and less people are purchasing a newspaper as they can find the news online. With the growth of social media, the reach of your target audience is much easier, quicker and more effective.

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Using social media to help grow your business is a great way to widen your audience and increase the traffic to your website. With the constant growth and development of different social media platforms, there are plenty of ways you can use them to benefit your brand. According to Statista, more than half of the world’s population is now using social media. Therefore this means social media is the perfect service industry to branch out to when marketing your brand. Despite having so many users around the globe and so many different platforms, what are the benefits of social media marketing?

Increases Your Websites Visibility

One of the benefits of using social media marketing is that it can increase your website’s visibility. Once you manage to connect with your target audience or any audience at all, you may find your website traffic is increasing. But, before you can assume that people will want to engage with your content or your brand, you should optimise your platform. This way, you’ll make a great first impression, in the hope that the person will want to find out more.

When somebody first clicks on your profile, they will see all of the details you provide. This includes your profile picture, your name, bio and most importantly, your website URL link. If your page is optimised and your content is appealing, people will want to engage. So, having a link in your profile is essential. This way people can visit your website in one click if the link is available, therefore increasing your website’s visibility.

Improved Customer Satisfaction/ Loyalty

Using social media marketing to promote your brand to more people is not only a way to get your content seen and heard but also to build relationships. Most customers will always prioritise companies which have great customer satisfaction and communication over those who do not. If your brand uses social media, a customer is able to easily contact you and hopefully get the response they are searching for. This will increase brand loyalty as the customer may feel more attached. Therefore leading to more conversions and traffic on your site.

Although, it can also work in the opposite way. If you use social media and do not interact with your audience you may be unfortunately painting a negative image on your brand. Therefore leading to your audience and customers stop interacting in with page, posts and website.

benefits of social media marketing


One of the many benefits of social media marketing is that it is very cost-effective. Whether your brand has a couple of followers or even millions there are plenty of ways you can help it grow. These ways do not have to be expensive, you trial free ways in which to grow your platform. Depending on the social platform you are using, the way in which you choose to grow your audience will differ. Some platforms enable you to grow and promote your brand easily without any ads. Whereas using others will be a lot harder, meaning it may best to avoid the platform or purchase paid ads if necessary.

Despite this being said, there are plenty of ways which you can market your brand for free. This may be doing extra content creation and curation to take your social media platforms to the next level, attracting a larger audience who may convert and increase your traffic.

Although, depending on your brand, industry and audience, paid ads may be a better option for growing traffic. Thankfully, depending on the social media platform the prices for paid ads vary. This way you are able to get better control and trial out different paid ads on different platforms.

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As the whole of England has been confined to their homes for the past few months, you might be wondering, has the use of social media marketing increased during this period?  Teenagers especially tend to spend a lot of time on social media. The lockdown has taken the usage to the next level. This offers businesses the best opportunity to promote their brand whilst there is a higher percentage of people using social media.

Social media scrolling

Different Platforms

Global Internet traffic rose 40% due to the COVID-19 pandemic, essentially cramming more than a year’s worth of growth into just a few weeks, according to Sandvine.

Social media ads are a great way to get your content out to people all over the world with only a few clicks. If you are active on the most popular social media platforms you will understand a little bit more about how the ads work on specific sites.

For example on Instagram ads Appear not only in the feed but also in the stories. This gives your brand a better chance of being seen by a wider audience. When you see an ad on platforms like Instagram, they appear just like an image posted by a friend, meaning, they will be seen if somebody is just casually scrolling. 

Whereas YouTube presents ads in various different ways like at the beginning of a video, at the side, underneath or even on top of the video. They are all different ways to catch users attention without impacting their use of the site too much. This technique allows the user to interact with the ad at any time depending on its position. 

Therefore more and more brands have started advertising on social media during the pandemic. This is mainly due to the high amount of people using different platforms. But, also because other ways of advertising are not available at this time. Therefore many brands have to switch up their advertising techniques. To allow them to still get traffic to the sites and pages.

What social media platforms are the best?

The social media platform which you choose entirely depends on your brand. You should consider the results that you are wanting to find. Typical things you should consider are:

  1. Where your target customers are most concentrated (usage, groups, etc.)
  2. Where your target customers are most accessible.
  3. Does your target customers most actively engage with ads. 

Please bear in mind that advertising on social media is not something which might bring you automatic results. It may require you to spend some time testing out different platforms or different strategies before you are able to know the best direction for your brand.

Can Hive Digital Media Help?

Here at Hive Digital Media, we offer a range of different services to help your brand grow and increased traffic. To find out more information about our services please click here. If you are wanting to get in touch our online chat located on the bottom right of our homepage.

Learning Social Media Algorithms

Social media is a place which is always changing its algorithms and trying to make itself the best platform possible. Whether this is to keep the audience wanting more or even to just make sure that the audience is getting what they want out of the platform. If you are wanting to gain online attention as a marketer, you must start by learning social media’s algorithms and understanding how they work.

What is Social Media Algorithms?

A social media algorithm is created to drive and deliver content to its users. Due to the massive increase in popularity of social media over the past years, the demand for better algorithms is always on-going. In other words, they are a set of rules or data which is used to deliver a result. Although not all social media platforms use algorithms, the chances are the most common and most used ones do. Have you ever wondered how your phone displays things you want to see or things which you have previously search? That is due to the algorithm.

social media algorithms

What are the types of Social Media Algorithms?

All social media algorithms are different. You might think they all work in a similar way, but in reality, they don’t. Below are some of the world’s top platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Linkedin.

1. Facebook

The Facebook algorithm feels like a mystery. Nobody knows if their presence on the platform will grow or decline, it is like a game. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, meaning the chances of customer engagement is high. Although, back in 2018, Mark Zuckerberg changed the algorithm to ensure people were engaging with their family and friends posts more than any advertisement or business. But in 2020, Facebook’s main goal is to make its platform more honest and easy for users and give people more control over what they view on their news feed.

2. Instagram

When the algorithm of a large platform like Instagram changes, it affects everyone from big global businesses to celebrities and even to those with small public accounts. Like any other platform, Instagram wants its users to stay on the platform for as long as possible whilst interacting and engaging with other users and their posts. In return, Instagram prioritizes those with the most engagement meaning their posts and account will be open to more interaction.

3. Twitter

It is hard to stand out of the crowd on Twitter. Especially when you are trying to rely on people to retweet your content and your posts. You are never sure what is going to reach its maximum potential or not. With over 350,000 tweets sent every minute how will you be sure if your’s will be seen? The Twitter timeline is separated into 3 sections. As you view your feed you will see tweets ranked by algorithm, ‘in case you missed it’ and reverse chronological order tweets. Each is important for their own purposes, for example,  twitter displays its tweets in a rank order of high relevance based on its score system. So, some of the tweets you see on the news feed are from accounts you don’t even follow.

4. TikTok

Tiktok is a growing, upcoming platform which more and more brands and marketers are joining. The starting goal for you is to gain a position on the “For You” Page. This is where your videos can be seen by millions of people if you are lucky. The algorithm tends to highlight creators and encourages people to like their content, nevermind their account size or following range. Recently the algorithm for this platform changed and has not completely been cracked, but here is one of the most common ideas as to what goes in it:

  1. When a video is uploaded it is viewed by a few users to ensure it is not boring.
  2. TikTok view how much interaction your video is getting, if the interaction is high they will push it to more users and so on.

5. LinkedIn

At the moment, Linkedin is a fast-paced growing platform which is flourishing in new users and growth. It is bringing features other platforms don’t offer to make it stand out for marketers and businesses. Linkedin has a simple algorithm which chooses which posts you see on your feed. One of the best factors of the platform is that the more connections you make, the more people could potentially see your posts. In other words, the algorithm has two main goals, these are to prioritize relevant content. This is posts which you previously have shown favouritism towards. Secondly, is to promote engagement. This is things which you might like to see.

Can Marketing Agencies Help Increase Engagement?

Not everyone has the time to learn everything necessary as learning social media’s algorithms takes a long time and a lot of effort. A marketing agency like us here at Hive Digital Media will help your business gain more engagement and online recognition through its paid social ads and social media posts. Although some social media platforms have cut back on their ads, others are constantly adding more and more paid posts to their algorithms. Hence why paid social posts tend to bring in a high percentage of traffic to businesses.

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7 Ways That Businesses Can Utilise TikTok in Their Marketing

With TikTok becoming a huge phenomenon for Gen-Z and Millennials, many are now downloading the trending app in order to learn what all the fuss is about – and for marketers, they’re wondering if it can be used for effective marketing strategies.

TikTok is dominated by a younger audience with some of its biggest stars ranging between 15-25 years old. The app provides a growing range of options for marketing ideas and advertisements. With TikTok being a video platform, there are a lot of areas where it could go wrong regarding content. However, they are taking extra measures to educate their users on how to safely use the platform. So, if your business is thinking about adding TikTok into its digital marketing strategy? Then read on to learn more about the app.

What is TikTok?

TikTok, similar to Vine and, is all about short videos from 15 to 60 seconds long.

Most of the users of the app come from So, many people find themselves already having an active account when signing up. was an app where users simply uploaded videos of themselves lip-synching to music videos, while the more talented, enthusiastic, and technically proficient members uploaded videos of original content. The latter cohort went on to become influencers on the platform. 

man playing with the tiktok app on his phone

TikTok videos can be from 15 seconds to 60 seconds long. Users are also able to upload longer videos which have been recorded outside the app itself. There is also the option to live-streaming option to connect with your audience and a range of filters and tools to help video content originality.

How your business can utilise TikTok

If you’re looking to use TikTok to your businesses advantage, it isn’t that difficult to get your head around. When it comes to using TikTok, here are 3 easy steps to be on your way to great content:

1. Create a channel for your own brand and upload videos that are relevant to your business.

2. Utilise influencers to give your content or business access to a wider audience.

3. Pay to advertise utilising TikTok’s new campaign options.

7 Ways to use TikTok to get your business out there

Aside from setting up the basics of TikTok, here are seven other ways that you could use the app to your businesses advantage:

  1. In a world where consumers are becoming increasingly sceptical of ads, the raw, unedited videos on TikTok can be a great way to showcase people using your brand in their everyday lives. 
  2. TikTok videos can also be a great place to showcase business behind the scenes or in-the-moment content.
  3. #HashtagChallenges are great because they prompt engagement. They’re simple to join in and fun. If you’re not yet a well-established brand, you can also consider using influencers to help kickstart your challenge campaign.
  4. Dance challenges, with these becoming ever so popular, if your business is able to create a dance that showcases a new product or service, then you could use that to bring some fun to it.
  5. Brand takeovers are a great way to add embedded links can be connected to websites landing pages or challenges and hashtags within the platform.
  6. When it comes to creating original content, with the many sounds that TikTok offers, you could use those or create your own to showcase your brand in a brilliant way.
  7. As mentioned earlier, utilising influencers is a way that you can access a much larger audience whilst also creating some great industry relationships.

We believe that TikTok has the opportunity to connect with audiences in new, fun and engaging ways. It still has a way to go yet before it becomes a key channel, but it may well be worth considering for your 2020 campaigns. 

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How to Go Viral: 5 Ways To Get Your Content Out There

In today’s society, it is very easy yet still so hard to get noticed by people who are not your follower’s nevermind go viral. But, that doesn’t mean it is impossible! People believe that like anything, things like brand awareness and building takes time. As true as that is, sometimes people just get lucky and have their content ‘blow up’. That is what we call viral.

Going viral is something which becomes popular overnight (or throughout the day).  having your content go viral isn’t going to happen overnight. So, when someone tells you that your content isn’t going to gain an audience, don’t listen as there is a chance that your content could go viral.

1. The Power of Social Media

The most common social media platforms which people are able to go viral for their content on are things like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and even Facebook. It is a lot harder with platforms like Instagram as they don’t have a tool which allows us to share it besides Instagram stories. Remember these social media platforms don’t suit every brand. As well as this they are not the only platforms which allow you to go viral, these are just ones which we feel, give you the best chance.

a woman with blonde hair and glasses thinking about how to go viral using social media


On average, YouTube has around 2 billion monthly log-ins. That is over a quarter of the world’s population. The platform enables people from all over the world to publish, like, comment and subscribe to videos and users. One of the great factors about YouTube is that people tend to get hooked and dive into watching the videos which YouTube suggests for them after they have finished watching the one they wanted. This increases your chances of your video being watched and going viral.


Similarly to YouTube, TikTok is rapidly increasing in popularity. The app is a social media platform where people can publish either 15-second videos or 60-second videos. The great thing about this app is that if your videos reach the For You Page, your chances of going viral are very high, your video could even reach over millions of views.


We believe that Twitter is a great platform for you to increase your chances of going viral. Once you have published a tweet, people then have the choice to like, comment or retweet your content. If they choose to either like or retweet, your content is then shown to their followers and so on. So, if you get enough retweets and your content is shown to enough people, your content could go viral.

Types of Social Media | How to go viral

2. Create Content Which Is Appealing

Realistically, nobody is going to interact with content which doesn’t look appealing. It has been proven that colour and layout plays a massive part when it comes to giving people a positive and negative view of your content. But do you know which ways are the best? The aim when creating content is for it to grab the attention of the audience and to get them hooked. If you are able to do this, your chances of going viral are already increased before you even post it.

3. Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience isn’t a process which happens overnight. It takes trial and error and plenty of time.  You need to understand how your audience responds to different types of content and measure the success of each practice. This way you will be able to see how different content compares to one another and how much better or worse it does. Any person who has ever had some successful content will tell you themselves that the process doesn’t happen all of a sudden, it is a long process.

4. Drive Traffic to Your Content

Paid ads give the ability for your content to reach audiences that it probably wouldn’t have done organically. So, once your content has been created it is rare that it will just go viral instantly. To help the process a good idea is to create more traffic using paid ads. However, understanding paid ads and the algorithm can be confusing and take a long time. Digital agencies, like us, come in handy.

You want to drive traffic to create conversions. This is because the more traffic you receive leads to more shares and more exposure. As well as this, the most exposure your brand gets, the more word-of-mouth marketing you will receive. Have you ever been to a restaurant, seen a film or even travelled to a place which people suggested to you? We’d hope the answer is yes, as we all have! We tend to value the opinion of our family, friends and even people we don’t even know.

5. Have A Marketing Plan

You cannot compare your companies marketing plan to other companies who have been going for 20 more years than you. This is because they have had 20 more years to go viral,  gain followers and create traffic. So, although it is good to get a little idea of what they are doing (if it is working), it doesn’t mean you can try and do the same and get thousands of followers overnight. That isn’t how it works.

A marketing plan has to be brand specific. It needs to go hand in hand with your audience, your objectives and goals along with your message and market. If you don’t have a marketing plan it could negatively impact your brand. You don’t want to go viral for the wrong reasons as it could portray your brand to be something which it isn’t.

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Bloggers, Vloggers & Social: Why use Influencer Marketing?

The world of marketing has rocketed in engagement in the past few years. 5 years ago, the use of social media was on a completely different scale to what is it today. The number of users has dramatically increased, with over half of the world population now actively using social media. This has lead to the popularity of bloggers, vloggers and social media stars and the huge increase of influencer marketing.

Due to the rapid increase, companies have had to adapt quickly to reach customers in this new landscape. Different social media platforms bring different trends and different audiences. This means that companies have to understand marketing on each individual platform before they do it.

Has the industry always been in full force?

There is one group that has had its a fair share of knockbacks and career endings but has found itself at the very top of the inbound marketing pile: influencers. Although the demand for working with them has both risen and fallen in the last 5 years, it has never been completely lost. Many companies found it better to work alongside celebrities due to celebrity endorsement they would receive. But, as you will read, that isn’t always the case.

Using influencers in your marketing strategy can often seem scary and expensive, with no guarantee of success. So, are they still a good idea?

influencer marketing image by Hive Digital Media

Understanding Influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing is when an influencer promotes company products to hopefully result in an increase in sales. The reason companies like to use influencers and celebrities is because of their large followings and loyal ‘fans’ who are always interested in what they are doing and why.

What is an Influencer?

There are different. tiers of influencers in the industry which categorises each individual person or group with their amount of followers. From 1,000 all the way to over 1,000,000, anyone can be grouped as an influencer and grow their followings to move from tier to tier. As followed are the tiers which make you separate from other influencers:

  • Mega Influencers – 1,000,000+ followers
  • Macro Influencers – 500,000 – 1,000,000 followers
  • Mid-tier Influencers – 50,000 – 500,000 followers
  • Micro Influencers – 10,000 – 50,000 followers
  • Nano Influencers – 1,000 – 10,000 followers

Despite the amount, influencers can come from a wide range of places. Any person, group, brand, or place could potentially be an influencer. But becoming an influencer doesn’t always just mean having a large following. It also means, having loyal followers, a certain percentage of engagement and many other aspects. This is because the last thing a company wants is to pay an ‘influencer’ to promote their products when they have little engagement as the company wouldn’t gain anything from it.

Who can be an Influencer?

Although besides just being promoted by someone who has followers, a product will usually get a celebrity endorsement. So, when someone thinks of a product they will link it to the celebrity who promoted it. This form of marketing is unique because it appeals to the needs of the influencer rather than the customer.

Influencers are not all the same. Yes, when you think of a huge influencer, you might think of TV stars, artists, footballers, actors etc. But, they are not the only type which makes it to the top of the biggest influencers list.

1. The ‘Blogger’

Similarly to any other influencer, bloggers put their lives on the internet. Whether this is using social media or their blogs. Depending on their blog topic, they will be giving their opinions, using their own photographs and writing the content themselves. This gives their audiences a sense of trust which they are able to relate to. Some bloggers like to cover a vast majority of different topics, this could be all the way from fashion to travel. Whereas others like to focus on one topic in particular.

Should I work with a blogger?

Bloggers stand out from other influencers as they use their websites (also known as blogs). Some influencers like footballers, gamers or even singers probably won’t have a blog where they give their opinions. Therefore if you are wanting a product promoting, it is easy for them to give an honest, detailed explanation and review due to the way they promote. Whereas other influencers like Instagram stars will have a different technique.

2. The ‘Vlogger’

Vloggers post to multiple social media platforms. Some use IGTV, Facebook, Vimeo. But, despite the number of possible sites to publish on, the most common is YouTube. YouTube is a platform which allows creators to publish videos to its website. It shares a service where users can watch, like, share, comment and upload their own videos.

Should I work with a vlogger?

As already heavily hinted, vloggers are very good at showcasing physical products, as they are able to show themselves actually using them, as well as their results. A brand looking to launch a new product, particularly one that fits into a popular vlogging genre (e.g. beauty, travel, food) would do well to dive into the pool of video content stars to do so.

3. The ‘Social Star’

Although they might have not risen to fame for their specific talent to sing or their ability to play sport, that doesn’t mean they have no talent. There are a lot of celebrities out there which have risen to fame overnight due to the power of social media for various different reasons. As well as this, some social media stars actually have a larger engagement rate and bigger following than some worldwide stars have. This is better for the brands which they work alongside.

Should I work with a social star?

Where social influencers come into their own, however, is brand reputation. If you are concerned with getting your brand actively talked about and showcased to a wide audience, a social influencer can provide you with staggering exposure. The influencer will be able to advise on how best to do so.

Why is Influencer Marketing good for companies?

Sometimes, people see major celebrities as something other than humans who are living a normal lifestyle. Therefore might not be swayed by what they chose to do or chose to wear. Whereas, more people see influencers as people. This is the key point of influencer marketing.

Reality is one of the main factors which separates celebrities and influencers. As people tend to spend more time on social media platforms that going to shows and concerts, they tend to see more influencers and their day to day lives, almost giving them something to relate too. This allows society to get to know them on a more personal level and therefore helps them to gain trust. This means that people in society are more likely to buy things which are promoted by an influencer they trust than a celebrity they know very little about.

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The Benefits of Using Social Media for Business

Social media is a collective of all interactive platforms in which people can share content whilst being able to socialise with each other. The demand for having social media profiles is growing rapidly, not only for personal profiles but also many platforms are dominated by businesses large and small.

We believe that it doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a big national company. Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. Although, not every platform is a perfect match for every brand due to different industry and target demographics.

Social Media Demographic

15 Benefits of Using Social Media

Now we’ll discuss 15 amazing benefits of social media marketing for your business. That ultimately leads your business to a new level.

1. We all use social media

As you already know, there are around 3.5 billion people who use social media worldwide, meaning, your audience is probably using it too. 

2. Increasing inbound traffic

Advertising your brand on social media is an extra way to boost your inbound traffic. By sharing your content on social media, you are giving users a reason to click to your website and potentially buy what you have to offer.

3. Humanises your business

Being active on social media helps massively with humanising your business. If you aren’t updating your customer’s regularly and interacting with them, they might see this as robotic. 

4. Get customer opinions

Social media enables its users and your customers to interact with you through not only your posts but also directly through messages and comments.  

5. Active presence helps

An active presence makes your customers aware that you are a legitimate company which understands the value of social media and interacting with the customers. Similarly, this paired with excellent content can increase brand awareness and potentially, attract new customers.

6. Easy way to interact

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all allow its users to comment, like and share your posts easily giving them a way to interact with you. Also, you can respond to your customers and answer any questions which they might have in a few clicks. 

7. Building trust

A brand that values and interacts with its customers, takes the time to compose a personal message, which is perceived naturally in a positive light and leads to building trust. Even if it doesn’t start out that way, as your social media grows, more people will trust your brand and share your content.

8. Consistent brand image

Certain platforms, especially Instagram allow you to create a specific brand image which makes you different from other brands. The platform allows you to post videos and images onto your page which others can see. You aim to create a specific image you want people to recognise you for and which represent your brand. A consistent brand image will help you keep your customers engaged and updated. 

9. Able to track competitors

There is no doubt that your competitors will be using social media. This means you will be able to see all of their posts understand their advertising strategies and see their customers. Therefore, this will give you a better understanding of your competitors.

10. Boosts sales

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook can let you sell your products through their sites. Whether your business is aiming to drive sales, or more website traffic, you should acknowledge that getting social media engagement is an easy conversion point.

11. Targeted advertising

Social media is a great way to understand your customers and what they like to see and do. Also, this can benefit your brand and their targeted advertising as you can understand your audience more, meaning you can direct your content towards them.  

12. Check analytics

Analytics is a great way to understand whether or not your advertising and interacting in the right way. Most of the major platforms have a tool which enables you to see how your posts and account are doing. Although some platforms may require some third party.

13. Spreads brand awareness

Having people interact and become more aware of your brand will increase everything for you, giving you more traffic and engagement. So, posting helpful content directly to your audience will allow them to gain a better understanding along with building trust. 

14. Chance of going viral

Certain platforms allow other users to share your posts and promote your content.

Shares especially allow other people who wouldn’t have found you otherwise to see your profile increasing your engagement and potentially leading to more followers and more purchases (particularly if you’re selling products).  

15. Enhanced SEO rankings

Google has stated that social shares have no impact on your website’s ranking in google search. But it’s a fact that social media properties do rank higher on the front of the search engine result pages for brand names.  

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