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The use of social media is constantly increasing in today’s society, especially within the younger generation. In fact, so much so that different platforms are being used for multiple hours a day by specific individuals. Currently, the most widely used platforms include Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. These three platforms are just a few of the sites which have way over 1 billion monthly users. Despite this being negative on the human body and mind, is it positive for the reach of a business?

Thankfully, marketers have the use of plenty of different platforms allowing them to choose which would be best suited depending on their individual audience. But which is the best?

The best platform for advertising

As most marketers should be aware of, social media is now one of the best places you can advertise your business. After Google, Facebook is the platform which has the second-highest market share across digital ad spending. This makes it one of the best platforms to use when wanting to advertise. Facebook stands out from other platforms due to its advertising techniques, including great targeting capabilities and engagement.

Along with this, the next platforms ranked best include Instagram Twitter and LinkedIn.

The best types of ad

It has been proven that photo ads can bring much more unique traffic and engagement than other types of ads. Photo ads are eye-catching and mostly include some sort of call to action button on the post for people to easily click. On Facebook especially, photo ads even allow you to add text above so your audience gets a more in-depth idea of what you are advertising. Video ads also offer a similar effect but may cause a decrease in engagement as not everybody is interested or has time to watch a video.

Why should you advertise on social media instead of using other ways?

Advertising has dramatically changed throughout the past 10 years. Previously, companies would advertise using newspapers, magazines, TV and even just through something as simple as a leaflet. But, more recently, the industry has taken a turn, leading businesses to rethink their strategies. In the past number of years, advertising on social media has shown a huge increase, as you will have already read. More people are moving away from more traditional activities and replacing them with modern technologies. For example, less and less people are purchasing a newspaper as they can find the news online. With the growth of social media, the reach of your target audience is much easier, quicker and more effective.

Therefore, if you are a business wanting to try it for the first time, we can help! Here at Hive Digital Media, we offer a range of services including social ads. Click here to find out more information.

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