Link building is the process of creating inbound links to boost your rankings on search pages. They have been one of the most widely used techniques used by websites on Google and other leading search engines worldwide. Even though it has always been an aspect of SEO, the techniques and tools have massively changed. Links create some sort of navigation between the pages on the internet. In other words, search engines will crawl between pages in order to see which ones will rank higher. Typically, those with a higher amount of links will be higher than those with fewer. Previously, older search engines which have become less popular in recent years used different methods of ranking. But, since Google has been leading, they use a PageRank Algorithm. This means that Google checks how many people linked to your page and then ranks you from thereon.

Why do we use link building tools?

Some say that link building tools are essential for success, and to some extent they are. But, do not forget that there are multiple other factors which are important too, information for this can be found in our blogs. We use link building tools to form credibility when trying to higher our ranking for search engines. This way our website is more visible for those interested.

What are the best tools to look out for?

There are different types of link building tools for different needs. For example, link research, link tracking, and even overall statistics which will benefit us. There are thousands of different tools all over the internet which benefit companies in different ways. So, we are going to cover three different examples below.

  1. Research: Researching allows you to find keywords and content in your industry which are performing in the best way possible. SEMRush has the tools to help you with this. But, it does not just stop there. On a website like this, you can find multiple different tools along with link and keyword research. Others include link opportunities, backlinks analysis and link outreach.
  2. Backlink Profiles: Majestic SEO allows users to gather enough data on different backlinks to create a profile which can influence your own makings. Majestic SEO provides the information necessary when you use the search bar. After searching for what you want, you will be provided with statistics including external backlinks, referring domains, referring IPS, backlink history and many more.
  3. Outreach: Link building can be difficult, hence the tools to help us and make it more simple. But, that does not mean that the process will be straight forwards. Link Prospector by Citation Labs is a tool which helps to organise outreach opportunities. This tool can create 16 unique types of reports including content development and outreach, PR, outreach and conversation.

As we mentioned above, there are plenty more factors to SEO and link building than just the ones we have mentioned. Therefore, we suggest that you take the time to do some more in-depth research searching for more information and answers.

Generating traffic is something which we try to focus on as it brings more engagement which could lead to more conversions in the long run. SEO, also known as search engine optimisation is one of the many ways which can help boost your website traffic if done correctly. One of the great aspects of SEO is that you do not need to necessarily spend any money as you can work organically to make improvements. So, we have put together some information to help boost your traffic.

Keyword Research

There are plenty of websites on the internet which allow you to take part in keyword research at no cost, for example, Uber Suggest. So, why not take advantage of them! Keyword research is one of the best ways in which you can boost your traffic and improve your SEO at the same time. Choosing the right keywords will enable you to organically connect with the right audiences by ranking on the search engines.

Blog Regularly

Hopefully, when blogging your site will gradually increase its page views. Therefore meaning that you will gain some regular, loyal readers to your blog to help with your engagement. But, if you have an unregular blogging schedule, those people will not know when they should come back to read your next post. Posting once or twice a week at the same time is a great way to keep the reader entertained as it generates a balance, unlike having a schedule where you post every day as it could be understood as spammy or poor quality content.

Quality Content

Whether you create good quality content or poor quality content, your audience will be able to see the difference. Therefore putting time and effort into all of your work is something which you should prioritise. It has been previously proven that low-quality content does not rank high on Google. This is something which will impact your page presence and even your page visitors. So, to keep your site visible to your audience, creating good quality content is something which will help.

Use of Links

As mentioned in our previous post, link building and using backlinks is very useful when it comes to increasing traffic and SEO. Higher volumes of backlinks will equate to a higher ranking on search engines which will lead on to bring more traffic and engagement. Along with this, linking from your site to other pages can create a flow of traffic, especially if the page itself has a high amount of views.

Our Help

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