Christmas & Covid – What To Expect

Christmas is the one time of year where a large majority of people up and down the country celebrate the same occasion. As you can tell, the pandemic has pushed the normal festive activities to next year. But, with decorations around us, it would be hard not to feel in the spirit.  With only 14 days to go, what will Christmas Day actually be like? As different towns and cities have been placed into different tiers, who will we be celebrating with this year? As well as this, will we even be able to reach our families and friends or will we be spending Christmas as an individual household? 

Could my tier change before Christmas?

When we exited lockdown on the 2nd of December, we were placed into a strengthened new local tier system. Coronavirus is still spreading and is expected to carry on, especially during the cold winter months. If you already know there are three different tiers: one, two and three. Tier one equates to a medium alert, two is a high alert and three is a very high alert. Each tier has its own set of rules and regulations which the local population is required to follow. Boris Johnson has confirmed that the tier system will be looked at and reviewed every 14 days. Although there is no specific date yet, we are expecting changes around the 16th of December. Therefore, your local area could be moved up or down in the system within the next week or so. 

How Will We Be Spending Christmas?

As you all know, This time of year is very important for millions of people in the UK. So the government have done everything they can to ensure it is enjoyable in a safe environment. After a horrendous year of lockdown after lockdown and quarantining, they have decided to change social contact restrictions for a few days. The UK Government and Devolved Administrations are allowing people to form a Christmas bubble. In other words, between the 23rd and 27th of December, you are able to form a bubble of people from no more than 3 different households.

Although the rules state that you are only allowed to be in one bubble, you cannot change your bubble and you must meet in a private place. This may be gardens, homes, places of worship or other outdoor spaces. Along with this, you are able to visit people and places outside of your tier over the course of these days. But if you are travelling you have to begin and end your journey within the 23rd and 27th of December. Anyone travelling to or from Northern Ireland may travel on the 22 and 28 December.

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